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‘Your Bespoke Drinks Package’ includes

Reception Drinks
3 alcoholic drinks per person
Orange Juice or Orange & Apple Juice

option to add an extra alcoholic drink
option to add Belvoir Elderflower Presse & Virgin Cocktails

Table Drinks
1/2 bottle of wine per person
Bottles of still water

option to add Sparkling water
option to add 1/4 bottle of Rose wine per person
option to add Belvoir Elderflower Presse

Toast Drinks
Glass of your chosen bubbly per person

For the children
Jugs of Orange & Blackcurrant Cordial as required


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  • Reception Drinks

    Please choose your 'main alcoholic drink' and 'second choice' below, you are welcome to choose the same drink for both and this provides 3 reception drinks per person. If you choose different drinks we split this 2/3 for the main and 1/3 for the second choice which experience shows works well as most guests will have the 'main' choice first, it is popular to choose a beer as the second choice.
  • We recommend 3 Alcoholic Reception Drinks per person as chosen above but you have the option of adding an additional Alcoholic Reception Drink if required below. This would take the total reception drinks to an average of 4 per person (so if you choose the same option for the additional drink as the second choice it will give you a 50/50 split for reception drinks.)
  • For the table

  • For the toast

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  • (total number of adults, non-drinkers are taken into account with these bespoke package calculations)
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